Dec 092015

Larry Haiven writes an op-ed in The Chronicle Herald in which he compares the NS Finance Minister to Henry VIII’s Thomas Cromwell. Larry is a professor in the Sobey’s School of Business at SMU and member of Solidarity Halifax. Like many others, I love Hilary Mantel’s two Man-Booker prize-winning novels about Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s […Read more]

Dec 022015

CBC Information Morning spoke to Solidarity Halifax member and Professor of Management Larry Haiven ahead of the NSTU’s ratification vote. Larry denounces shotgun bargaining and myths about empty public coffers. > Listen to the interview here   Note: Comments by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held by the organization.

Sep 252015

On a Potential Constitutional Challenge to the Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act and the Limitations of Legalistic Labour Strategies How should workers fight repressive legislation, in the courts or in the streets? While a favorable judgement can bring concrete benefits to workers, there are serious drawbacks to a legalistic strategy. Pursuing a court challenge is […Read more]

Aug 062015
Changing the Face of Labour Law in Nova Scotia

Authored for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative – NS by Solidarity Halifax supporter Judy Haiven and member Larry Haiven.   Since the Nova Scotia Liberal government was elected in October 2013, it has brought down a breathtaking barrage on labour, restricting the right to strike, curtailing collective bargaining rights, demonizing public sector workers, gerrymandering […Read more]