Solidarity Halifax members participating in the Trail of Fire march of January 27, 2013.

Since the emergence of the Idle No More movement, Solidarity Halifax has engaged in a sustained effort to provide support to the communities and organizers involved. In addition to answering calls for attendance and lending logistical support, Solidarity Halifax sees education within non-Indigenous/settler society as a primary objective in solidarity work. Taking responsibility for Canada’s colonial legacy, educating ourselves about the political and economic history that continues to shape relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and fighting ignorance and racism within our own communities are necessary preconditions for a healthy and genuine reconciliation between all peoples.

We Are ALL Treaty People

On October 5th, 2015, Solidarity Halifax hosted a public event examining the responsibilities and challenges in upholding the Peace and Friendship Treaties in Mi’kmaki.

STATEMENT: We Are ALL Treaty People
VIDEO – Between Nations: We Are ALL Treaty People

Why Are We #Idle No More?

On January 10th, 2013, Solidarity Halifax hosted a teach-in at Dalhousie University aimed at sharing information and analysis on the economic and political structures that have and continue to shape a colonial relationship between indigenous peoples and the Canadian state.

Why Are We #IdleNoMore? Teach-in Resources