Jun 032012

Solidarity Halifax expresses its solidarity with the current people’s movement in Quebec.

We are in full support of the student organizations’ calls for universal, fully accessible post-secondary education; inspired by the dedication, creativity, democracy and solidarity shown by the students prior to, and over the 105-day strike; and appalled at the violent state repression inflicted upon students, their supporters, and on some occasions, passersby.

We particularly condemn the draconian Bill 78 implemented by the Charest Liberal government in order to criminalize dissent and are heartened to see thousands of Quebec residents taking to the streets in defiance of this law. With them, too, we stand in solidarity.

Solidarity Halifax is a membership-based, pluralist, non-sectarian, democratic, anti-capitalist organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We believe another world is possible.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 4th, 2012



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