Feb 172013

Interest in Solidarity Halifax’s Name Our Oval Contest has also spurred some to question: why bother?
Here’s why:

Renaming Our Oval: What’s In A Name?

Check out these interviews with Brian Crouse, spokesperson for Solidarity Halifax’s Power to the People Campaign, on reasons why the Oval deserves a better name:

CTV NEWS: Anti-capitalist group launches contest to rename Emera Oval
News 95.7 FM (forward to 19:45)
The Chronicle Herald: Solidarity Halifax wants public to rename Emera Oval


Read also this blog post by Solidarity Halifax member Chris Parsons on the importance of re-naming, re-mapping and re-imagining the oval and the city:

The Oval, Money and Maps

Note: Articles published by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held by the organization.



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