May 292013

On this week’s episode of Talking Radical Radio, organizer Brian Crouse talks about his work with a new multi-issue, membership-based, democratic, radical organization based in Nova Scotia. The group’s name is Solidarity Halifax.

>Listen to the interview on here.

The goal of the group is to bring together committed organizers from a range of movements and provide a sort of multi-issue, non-sectarian organizational home — a place for respectful dialogue and debate and collaboration and imagining — under an overarching framework of political pluralism and anti-capitalism. Despite being only a year and a half old, Solidarity Halifax has already waged some effective and invigorating campaigns. And their success so far in bringing together a politically diverse crew of activists in a way that both respects political differences while providing opportunities for collaborative action is an example that quite a number of people I have spoken to across the country are watching and trying to learn from. Crouse talks about their campaigns, their organization-building, and the key lessons they’ve learned.



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