Aug 062014

Follow the link below for a detailed analysis of why Solidarity Halifax supports the people of Gaza and why we are demanding the NDP condemn Israeli aggression.

Support the People of Gaza: An Analysis By Solidarity Halifax


Support Gaza 3

Solidarity Halifax members outside MP Megan Leslie’s office to demand that the NDP condemn Israeli aggression.


See below media coverage of our picket outside NDP MP Megan Leslie’s office along with Independent Jewish Voices and Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace.

Protest at Halifax MP Megan Leslie’s office urges NDP to get tougher with Israel – The Chronicle Herald

Halifax protesters call on federal NDP to speak out on Israel-Gaza conflict – Metro Halifax

Read what our members are saying about the Israeli assault on Gaza:

Mulcair wants to change the channel on Gaza – Judy Haiven

30 minutes every day at noon – activists in Halifax demand an end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza – Judy Haiven

Attack on GazaJackie Barkley

Pride, Palestine, and Global Gay Rights – John Hutton

Stop the slaughter – Judy Haiven

Discussing Israel’s airstrikes and killings in Gaza: breaking the fast with Muslims, Jews and their friends – Judy Haiven

Candlelight vigil in support of Gaza – Judy Haiven


Support Gaza 1

Judy Haiven, member of Solidarity Halifax and of Independent Jewish voices calls on the NDP to condemn Israeli aggression in Gaza.




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