Oct 302014

James Hutt writes to the Chronicle Herald to defend public drug coverage. James is the  provincial co-ordinator for the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network and a member of Solidarity Halifax.

Re: Bill Black’s column on the proposed national drug plan. Canada’s current patchwork system of employer and last-resort government drug coverage leaves one in four Canadians with no drug coverage at all.

When people can’t afford medicines, they get worse until they need to be hospitalized. Years of research have shown that a universal pharmacare program would not only increase the health of all Canadians, but actually save up to $11.4 billion a year. In fact, Canada is the only OECD country with universal health care that doesn’t include medicine.

It’s hard to imagine why Mr. Black would oppose public drug coverage, unless, of course, he is swayed by his past interests as CEO of an insurance company.


Note: Articles published by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held by the organization.



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