Aug 122015

Kyle Buott, president of the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council and member of Solidarity Halifax, writes in the West Dublin Monitor to quickly denounce Eastlink’s plan to cap rural internet access.

Eastlink’s plan to cap rural internet access is despicable. Four reasons:

1. Eastlink is a hugely profitable company, with millions in profits each year.

2. The Bragg family, who owns Eastlink, has a network worth of over $1 billion and are one of the richest families in the province.

3. Eastlink received millions of dollars in corporate welfare to build the rural internet network. This project was not completed on time and was over budget, leading to a second round of corporate welfare for Eastlink.

4. Capping internet access in rural areas would be the same as capping electricity in rural areas. It wouldn’t be ok to tell rural residents they could only have lights and heat for 8 hours a day, why would it be ok for internet access?

Telecommunications should be publicly-owned and operated in the public interest—not for the interests of a handful of billionaires.

Nationalize Eastlink.


Note: Articles published by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held by the organization.



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