Apr 062015
It's not movie magic, film jobs offer real benefits to our economy #SupportNSFilm #NSFilmJobs

Vice-President (Culture & Mayworks) of the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council Sébastien Labelle weighs in on the potential threat to our local film industry. Sébastien is a member of Solidarity Halifax. The NS Liberal government seems determined to pursue its trend of broken promises and reckless austerity policies. Already, Nova Scotians had been bracing for […Read more]

Nov 272014
Activist pasts, austere presents, queered futures: An interview with Emily Davidson

Artist and Solidarity Halifax member Emily Davidson discusses art, work and politics with Max Haiven for Art Threat. “Imagine a new relationship to every aspect of everything.” “Capitalism has fallen; Art must be redefined.” “You get to pick your gender when you come of age, but feel free to change your mind.” “Living together is […Read more]

Nov 052014
Can there be a working class culture & experience?

On October 20, 2014, the Platypus Affiliated Society invited three panelists to discuss the concept of working-class culture, its history, and what it might mean today. Among the panelists were NSCAD Prof. Bruce Barber, Platypus member Chris Mansour, and Mayworks Halifax organizer and Solidarity Halifax member Sébastien Labelle. Below are the questions asked of the […Read more]