Anti-capitalist Response to COVID-19: Poster Series

COVID-19 has highlighted many dimensions of the crisis of capitalism. Solidarity K’jipuktuk/Halifax believes a better world is possible; a world where a global pandemic would be met with care and material support on all fronts. Instead we see this virus hitting hardest in marginalized communities and bosses already rolling back wage increases for front line … [Read More]

Navigating the Canada Emergency Response Benefit: Information for Workers

The Halifax Workers Action Centre created a guide to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the Federal Government announced a new fund for those affected by COVID-19 called the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), created under the Canada Emergency Response Benefit Act (​CERB Act, contained in Bill C-13​) . In response … [Read More]

SKH Podcast – Episode 2 – Housing (part 2)

Continuing our podcast-starting series on housing, SKH members Michelle, Jacob and Scott discuss a few historical examples of working class victories in housing struggles. Intro/Outro music: The Coup – The Guillotine. Link to the podcast:

SKH Podcast – Episode 1 – Housing (part 1)

In this debut episode, SKH members Michelle, Jacob and Scott discuss the housing crisis in the context of K’jipuktuk/Halifax. They talk about why the current state of housing is so dire, why do landlords act the way they do with impunity, and look at what current struggles can tell us about how we can fight … [Read More]

Injunctions and the Suppression of Dissent

Injunctions have been used to try and stifle vibrant, grassrootsmovements against the invasion of Wet’suwet’en territory, Northern Pulp’s plans to pipe effluent into the Northumberland Strait, and the back-to-work legislation used to break the PostalWorkers’ strike . So, what is this legal tool which is so useful in suppressing dissent? Injunctions are a legal oddity. … [Read More]

Highs and Lows: Observations about the Angela Davis event and weed legalization

On Monday, October 22nd, social worker and community activist Jackie Barkley offered a commentary aired on CBC Info Morning. Jackie, who is also a member of Solidarity Halifax, shared with listeners her observations about hypocrisies surrounding the Angela Davis event at Dalhousie and the celebration of weed legalization. Here is a transcript of her commentary: … [Read More]

Offshore Drilling: Not Worth the Risk

In early October of 2018, a speaking tour was organized to denounce offshore drilling in Nova Scotia. Chelsea Fougere spoke during the tour as a representative of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia (CPONS). Chelsea is also a member of the Solidarity Halifax Eco-Justice Committee. Here is a transcript of the speech she delivered … [Read More]

Strike ends at Burnside prison: Prisoners issue a statement

After a 20 day long strike, the prisoners at Burnside issue a statement of gratitude to all those who supported them and call onto us all to keep the fight for justice going. The statement has been published at the Halifax Examiner and the Nova Scotia Advocate.

Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia

Solidarity Halifax is working with the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia (CPONS) to tackle the fact that BP is exploratory drilling off the coast of Sable Island. Best known for the Deepwater Horizon disaster (the worst oil spill in history, which killed 11 workers, spilled for 87 days, halted fisheries and tourism operations along … [Read More]

PETITION: Environmental Impact Assessment for Northern Pulp Pipe

Please take a moment to sign this petition to the House of Commons to launch a federal environmental impact assessment of Northern Pulp’s plan to pipe effluent into the Northumberland Strait. PETITION TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS Please share it with your networks. The petition closes mid October. The mill at Abercrombie Point is toxic. … [Read More]