May 082015

Originally posted at the Halifax Media Co-op. On April 7 2015, Solidarity Halifax member Kyla Sankey hosted a discussion on Venezuela’s National Liberation Struggle and Obama’s war in the Americas. Does this nation represent a threat, or a hope for peoples’ struggles across the world? Hosted by: John Kirk Isaac Saney Errol Sharp Chris Walker […Read more]

May 062015

Originally posted at the Halifax Media Coop. On April 8 2015, Solidarity Halifax member Larry Haiven spoke among a number of presenters to discuss the impacts of the Nova Scotia healthcare restructuring on labour-management relations. Moderator: Mayya Assouad, Reporter, Global News Halifax Panelists: +Larry Haiven, Professor, Department of Management, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s […Read more]

May 012015

The Liberal provincial government has worked itself into a lather trying to convince us that the province is broke and that drastic cuts are necessary.  But this is nonsense meant to continue the enrichment of the rich and impoverishment of the poor. Is it true that Nova Scotia can no longer afford the services and […Read more]

Apr 062015
Perspectives on Restructuring Nova Scotia Healthcare - The Impact on Labour-Management Relations: A Public Forum

Wednesday, April 8 6:30PM – 8:30PM Halifax Central Library Facebook event For the past year, the Nova Scotia government has been trying to re-organize the structure of collective bargaining in acute health care in the province. This has created tumult on the industrial relations scene. Last October, with the agreement of the unions, the government […Read more]