Jul 172015

On Wednesday, students, workers, and low-income earners came together to fight for a $15 minimum wage. The Fair Wage Coaliton, made up of Solidarity Halifax, ACORN Nova Scotia, the Halifax-Dartmouth District Labor Council, the Canadian Federation of Students, and the Dalhousie Student Union held an information picket early Wednesday morning outside the McDonalds on Quinpool […Read more]

May 212015
STATEMENT: Rent Increases and Credit Checks At Metcap Living Precipitating Housing Crisis in Halifax

1. After a review by their head office in Toronto, Metcap Living Property Management has started declining tenants with bad credit scores. This comes after large rent increases; a one bedroom apartment in the notoriously bad Jackson Rd properties now starts at $680 plus power. 2. The Department of Community Services is refusing to provide […Read more]

May 082015

Originally posted at the Halifax Media Co-op. On April 7 2015, Solidarity Halifax member Kyla Sankey hosted a discussion on Venezuela’s National Liberation Struggle and Obama’s war in the Americas. Does this nation represent a threat, or a hope for peoples’ struggles across the world? Hosted by: John Kirk Isaac Saney Errol Sharp Chris Walker […Read more]

May 042015
Bernard burns most vulnerable as budget creates hardships

Solidarity Halifax member Evan Coole exposes the hypocrisy in Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard’s support of the NS Liberal budget. Originally published at The Chronicle Herald. Can you imagine having to gather a mountain of documentation before sitting in front of a panel of civil servants and an adjudicator to get your child a dental […Read more]

May 012015

The Liberal provincial government has worked itself into a lather trying to convince us that the province is broke and that drastic cuts are necessary.  But this is nonsense meant to continue the enrichment of the rich and impoverishment of the poor. Is it true that Nova Scotia can no longer afford the services and […Read more]