Statement on Antifascist counter-demonstration of June 22nd, 2019

Solidarity K’jipuktuk Halifax condemns the actions of the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) during the events of June 22nd at Grand Parade and re-iterates its statement of solidarity toward those putting their health and safety on the line for the protection of immigrants, refugees, and the community as a whole. The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) is … [Read More]

Statement: Anti-Imperialist Day of Struggle

Solidarity Halifax joins the call for an Anti-Imperialist Day of Struggle, November 30, 2018, and declares its solidarity with the organizations and social movements represented by ALBA Movimientos and all peoples who find themselves in struggle for independence against the forces of imperialism and reaction. The last thirty years have seen the worldwide implementation of … [Read More]

Solidarity with Postal Workers

Solidarity Halifax declares its firm solidarity with postal workers who went on strike following Canada Post’s refusal to address major issues put forward by workers during negotiation rounds. Rotating strikes began on Monday, October 22nd, 2018, in Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, and Halifax and have since moved on to Toronto. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers … [Read More]

Offshore drilling and political theatre

To sacrifice the fisheries and tourism industries for a handful of oil jobs is not a gain. It’s not even breaking even. Solidarity Halifax’s Ecojustice Committee warns against the dangers of offshore drilling in Nova Scotia in The Coast’s Voice of the City column. G7 leaders will be meeting in Halifax from September 19 to … [Read More]

Workplace Racism: Systemic in Halifax

2018 began with black janitors being fired in February. In March, what followed was black janitors and their supporters in the streets demanding justice from both the cleaning contractor, Armour Group, and the cleaning company, Deep Down Cleaning. On May 8th, HRM workers, mostly African Nova Scotians, demonstrated. They were protesting the lack of action … [Read More]

No Pipe, No Pandering: The Enemy is the 1%

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation, a subsidiary of Paper Excellence, owns a pulp mill at Abercrombie Point and an effluent treatment facility in Boat Harbour – both near New Glasgow, Nova Scotia – in the Epekwitk Aqq Piktuk district of Mi’kma’ki. The mill and treatment facility have been sites of struggle for a long time. … [Read More]

Statement of Support for Striking Caseworkers at the Community Justice Society

Restorative justice caseworkers in Halifax went on strike starting on July 30, 2018. These caseworkers are the heart and soul of the Nova Scotia’s Restorative Justice Program. The Restorative Justice Program brings people accused of a criminal offence, victims, and community members together to find resolutions to crime that do not involve going to prison. … [Read More]

Solidarity against the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Line 3 

Solidarity Halifax joins in the demand to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement. We stand in full solidarity with Indigenous communities on the front lines of the struggle against these pipelines, and with everyone supporting those on the front lines. Oil and State The decision of the Trudeau Liberals to buy the Trans … [Read More]

Nova Scotians not OK with Benefiting from Cultural Genocide at Muskrat Falls

May 7, 2018 Media Release People gather in Halifax outside the Emera Office earlier today in solidarity with Labrador Land Protectors and Grand Riverkeeper Labrador who have been opposing the Muskrat Falls megadam for years. K’JIPUKTUK/HALIFAX – Nova Scotians gathered today at the downtown headquarters of Emera Inc. to join in a national day of … [Read More]

Solidarity against Northern Pulp

The Northern Pulp Mill and Wastewater Treatment Plant Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation runs a pulp mill at Abercrombie Point and a wastewater treatment plant in Boat Harbour – both near New Glasgow, Nova Scotia – in the Aqq Piktuk district of Mi’kma’ki. The mill and treatment plant have been sites of struggle for a … [Read More]