VIDEO: Race In a Glass Nation

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On November 17th, 2017, a public discussion on the implications of talking about race in the 21st century took place at the University of King’s College. The event featured keynote speaker Dr. Sunera Thobani who was followed by a panel discussion. The recording provided by Atlantic Live Stream only includes the keynote lecture and Q … [Read More]

Many Hands Can Stop Alton Gas – Online Fundraiser

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Mi’kmaq water protectors and allies are building a strawbale house at the front gates of the Alton Gas site, and could use some financial support. Help them maintain the Treaty Camp throughout the winter! Watch the video and make a donation “We do it for the water” Mi’kmaq water protectors and allies are building a … [Read More]

Guideposts for Organization Building Against Capitalism

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The Membership Committee of Solidarity Halifax coordinates the recruitment and engagement of Solidarity Halifax members as a part of our process of organization building. Recognizing the need for long-term organization on the Left, Solidarity Halifax proposes the following considerations for anti-capitalist organizing. We expect these to constantly be a work in progress. Click here to … [Read More]

VIDEO: Desmond Cole with the Black Power Hour

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On October 25, 2017, Desmond Cole was invited to participate in a live recording of Black Power Hour at the University of King’s College’s School of Journalism. The live recording was followed by a Keynote address by Desmond, as well as a Q&A with participants from the audience. Desmond resigned from his column at the … [Read More]

Solidarity Halifax stands in support of Masuma Khan

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Solidarity Halifax stands in support of Masuma Khan. Khan is facing disciplinary action from Dalhousie University for comments she made on Facebook regarding Canada 150 celebrations – which she correctly identified as part of Canada’s ongoing colonial legacy. In response to racist comments toward her, Khan wrote: “white fragility can kiss my ass. Your white … [Read More]

VIDEO: Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?

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On October 11, 2017, the Radical Imagination Project hosted the Halifax launch of “Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?: Organizing the Twenty-First Century Resistance” (2017, AK Press). The launch featured a panel discussion focusing on the question of when, how, and under what conditions exploited and oppressed peoples rise up to create radical and revolutionary … [Read More]

Guideposts for Environmental Organizing Against Capitalism

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The Eco-Justice Committee of Solidarity Halifax supports struggles against climate change and environmental destruction. We work from an understanding of capitalism, ongoing colonialism, and environmental racism. Recognizing the failure of the Left to properly or effectively address issues of the environment, Solidarity Halifax proposes the following considerations for anti-capitalist organizing. We expect these to constantly … [Read More]


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Canada 150 celebrations do not occur in a vacuum, but in the context of history. This year, we invite you to reflect on the history of Canada and to consider narratives beyond the European colonial mainstream. What does Canada 150 mean to you? What might it mean to others? Canada has been trying to “destroy … [Read More]

Visiting the Treaty Camp Against Alton Gas

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A message from Solidarity With Alton Gas Resistance (SWAGR) It is important to have visitors at the Treaty Camp against Alton Gas. Please read the information below and consider visiting the camp. About the Treaty Camp Why it’s important to visit How to Visit About Alton Gas Location and Contact Info 1.    About the Treaty … [Read More]

Solidarity Halifax and Police Checks by El Jones

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In her Halifax Examiner Column, El Jones examines the response offered by Chief of Police Blais to those who contacted him through Solidarity Halifax’s phone and email action to demand a stop to street checks. “The refusal to believe not only the Black community, but also professionals within that community, essentially suggests that African Nova … [Read More]