Solidarity Halifax engages in municipal politics as a way of reaching working class people outside of popular social movements and to address the city and its policies as a site of resistance against capitalism.

In the 2016 HRM municipal election, Solidarity Halifax ran a candidate in District 5 – Dartmouth Centre. This campaign addressed the needs for fare-free transit, affordable housing, and free recreation programs. Running this campaign helped us reach more communities and raise peoples’ collective expectations about what a city is and can be.

Going forward, we are continuing to organize for change at the municipal level by challenging regressive policies that have daily impacts on the lives of those who live here.

The Ballot Box or the Street?

While systemic change rarely comes from elections, is there still a need for radicals to participate in electoral politics? Can electoral politics be used to shift public debate toward an anti-capitalist analysis?

In the lead up to the 2013 provincial election, Solidarity Halifax hosted a panel to address these questions. Watch the video here:

Video: From the Ballot Box to the Street