Oct 152014
“Was my school named after a slaveowner?” A closer look at the place names around us

By Ben Sichel. Originally published at no need to raise your hand Ben is a teacher in Dartmouth and author of the P-12 education section for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Alternative Provincial Budget. A few weeks ago, Halifax journalist Tim Bousquet wrote a brief piece about the history of slavery in Nova Scotia. Bousquet [...Read more]

Oct 052014
DOWNLOAD: Guideposts for Anti-Racist Organizing Against Capitalism

In recognition of the intersections between economic oppression and racism, through the accumulated experiences of its members, and thanks to feedback from friends and supporters, Solidarity Halifax has produced a set of guideposts for Anti-Racist organizing against capitalism. We expect these to constantly be a work in progress. The summer 2014 pamphlet is now available [...Read more]

Oct 032014
NS Liberals vs. workers round 2: The battle over Bill 1

Solidarity Halifax member Shay Enxuga recounts the fight against union-busting Bill 1. Shay is former Just Us barista, current ACORN community organizer, and huge supporter of healthcare workers. Originally published at RankAndFile.ca On Friday, Oct. 3, 2014 the Nova Scotian Liberal government will pass legislation that is intended to wreak havoc among the province’s healthcare [...Read more]

Oct 022014

Solidarity Halifax member Larry Haiven addressed the Law Amendments Committee yesterday to voice his opposition to the Liberal Government’s Bill 1 which will dictate union representation for healthcare workers. Originally published at the Halifax Media Coop. I am a professor in the Department of Management, Sobey School of Business, at Saint Mary’s I was last [...Read more]