Nov 272014
Activist pasts, austere presents, queered futures: An interview with Emily Davidson

Artist and Solidarity Halifax member Emily Davidson discusses art, work and politics with Max Haiven for Art Threat. “Imagine a new relationship to every aspect of everything.” “Capitalism has fallen; Art must be redefined.” “You get to pick your gender when you come of age, but feel free to change your mind.” “Living together is […Read more]

Nov 252014
Support and dignity - reform income assistance now!

Evan Coole, member of Nova Scotia ACORN and of Solidarity Halifax, along with community legal worker Fiona Traynor, speaks to Rick Howe about the dire need for income assistance reform. >>LISTEN HERE [place marker to 36:00 minutes]   Note: Statements by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held by the organization.

Nov 202014
Why I'm cancelling my subscription

Solidarity Halifax member Shay Enxuga writes in The Coast to explain how The Chronicle Herald’s anti-worker behaviour has led him to cancel his subscription. So long, Chronicle-Herald. I am a 25-year-old subscriber to the print edition of the Chronicle-Herald—a rare breed these days. I became a new subscriber back in the spring. I was excited. […Read more]

Nov 182014

By John Hutton. Originally published at The Coast. John is an undergraduate student at Dalhousie, pursuing a degree in international development studies and economics. The time to fix Nova Scotia’s education system is now. The McNeil government is currently in talks with Nova Scotia’s universities for a new Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement signed every […Read more]

Nov 142014
Silver Winner: Best Activist Organization

Yay! Thank you once again to the readers of The Coast for the show of support!! Congrats also to the Ecology Action Centre and South House. And thanks to all the other organizations and activists who work daily in our community without the public recognition they deserve.