Dec 212014

By Judy Haiven, professor in the Management department of the Sobey School of Business – Saint Mary’s University. She is chair of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-NS and a member of Solidarity Halifax. Originally published at the Halifax Media Coop. Restorative justice does not adequately address systemic problems My mother was a Dentistry graduate […Read more]

Dec 182014

Judy Haiven, associate professor in the department of management at SMU and member of Solidarity Halifax, sends her thoughts to The Chronicle Herald following yet another publicized case of misogyny on our university campuses. After the rape chant at Saint Mary’s University, after the SMU athletes’ texts that threatened and disparaged women, after the Ghomeshi […Read more]

Dec 172014
Take rural health to next level

James Hutt, provincial co-ordinator of the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network and member of Solidarity Halifax co-authored this Chronicle Herald article advocating for more Community Health Centres in Nova Scotia. The article was co-authored with Kathy Blois, chairwoman of the Nova Scotia Federation of Community Health Centres. “Every Nova Scotian should expect same or […Read more]

Dec 162014

Solidarity Halifax member Tori Ball writes to the Chronicle Herald in response to Health Minister Leo Glavins’s comments following the release of a new report on Collaborative Emergency Centres. Re: “New vision for collaborative care,” Dec. 11 story. Health Minister Leo Glavine’s comments are unhelpful, to say the least. His response to the recent review, […Read more]

Dec 052014
Nova Scotia needs to strengthen public health care

James Hutt, Provincial Coordinator for the Nova Scotia Citizens Health Care Network and member of Solidarity Halifax, discusses public health care and the need for a provincial strategy to improve service and accessibility.   >>LISTEN HERE [place marker to 19:00 minutes]     Note: Statements by Solidarity Halifax members do not necessarily reflect positions held […Read more]