Apr 152014
Embedded injustice

Solidarity Halifax member Sébastien Labelle writes to The Chronicle Herald to denouce the ever present racism in Nova Scotia. Garnetta (Cromwell) Oakley’s bravery in taking on Leon’s Furniture to win her right to dignity and justice deserves celebration. No doubt. But as a province, let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet for justice [...Read more]

Apr 072014

ACORN members Jonethan Brigley and Scott Domenie write a response to Minister Glavine who made statements earlier this year that put the blame of an overburdened healthcare system on personal lifestyles. Scott Domenie is also a member of Solidarity Halifax. Originally published at the Halifax Media Coop. See also: STATEMENT: Glavine’s Statements on Welfare: Shameful, [...Read more]

Apr 052014
Nurse strife a symptom of public-services crisis

By Judy Haiven and Larry Haiven. Both teach in the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, research labour relations and are members of Solidarity Halifax. Originally published in The Chronicle Herald. The current dispute over nurse-patient ratios between Capital Health and the NSGEU nurses is not new. The issue is not even isolated [...Read more]