Workers’ Action


BRU July 2013

Providing support for workers (both organized and not unionized) and the unemployed.



Unions are one of the only remaining democratic institutions under capitalism strong enough to take on neo-liberal policies. But are unions rising to the challenge? Especially when it comes to young workers? Faced with an increased casualization of work and chronic unemployment, young workers have less and less access to unions and to unionized workplaces. So how can we build a union movement that truly includes the struggles of young workers? A panel with: Nora Loreto (author of “From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement”), Nick Stark (National Executive Representative, Canadian Federation of Students Nova Scotia), and Charlie Huntley (member of Solidarity Halifax and Baristas Rise Up). Moderated by: Kyle Buott (President, Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council).



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