Indigenous Solidarity


Indigenous Solidarity

Since the emergence of the Idle No More movement, Solidarity Halifax has engaged in a sustained effort to provide support to the communities and organizers involved. In addition to answering calls for attendance and lending logistical support, Solidarity Halifax sees education within non-Indigenous/settler society as a primary objective in solidarity work. Taking responsibility for Canada’s colonial legacy, educating ourselves about the political and economic history that continues to shape relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and fighting ignorance and racism within our own communities are necessary preconditions for a healthy and genuine reconciliation between all peoples.



Idle No More teach-in hosted by SUNSCAD on April 5, 2013. Featuring panellists Gabe Hooger (Canadian Federation of Students), Rachelle McKay (Idle No More), Sébastien Labelle (Solidarity Halifax), Prof. Carla Taunton (NSCAD Faculty), Patricia Doyle-Bedwell (Dalhousie Transition Year Program) and Billy Lewis (Elder). The final Q&A segment includes a discussion about the “Made In Nova Scotia” treaty modernization process.


Why Are We #IdleNoMore? teach-in presented by Solidarity Halifax on January 10, 2013. A crowd of over 450 people assembled to attend the event.


Elder Billy Lewis addresses the crowd during a rally in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike and Idle No More. Victoria Park, December 30, 2012.


Why Are We #IdleNoMore? teach-in presented by Solidarity Halifax. Edited recording by CKDU 88.1 FM




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Additional resources on Anti-Racism and White Privilege are available on our African Nova Scotia Solidarity page.

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