Aug 302012

Photo: SriMesh via Wikipedia

Solidarity Halifax member, John Hutton, makes the case for publicly run inter-community transit:

The Chronicle Herald:

Halifax Media Coop:

Canadian Centre For Policy Alternative Nova Scotia Alternative Budget:

Aug 302012

Photo: Miles Howe

Follow Miles Howe’s reports for the Halifax Media Coop as he investigates Emera’s practices in the Grand Bahamas and the growing unpopularity for the private service provider.

Emera Busted in the Bahamas
“You Don’t Treat People Like Animals, Especially When You Come Into a Foreign Country”
Hurricane Emera
Lights Out
Treasure Island

Aug 302012

See the following Halifax Media Coop articles covering actions in support of the Kitpu Program offered through the Mi’kmaq Friendship Centre and the subsequent government reversal of its decision to cut funding to the program.

Rally to Save Kitpu – July 12, 2012

National Day of Action Against Cuts to Aboriginal Youth Programs – Halifax Rally

Feds Un-freeze Funding for Kitpu Youth Centre