Power to the People


A Solidarity Halifax campaign to bring Nova Scotia Power back under democratic, public ownership!

Nova Scotia Power was privatized twenty years ago for less than it was worth. Today, Nova Scotians pay some of the highest costs for electricity in the country, Nova Scotia Power is dragging its feet on developing new green energy, the power goes out every time the wind blows, and rates are rising once again.

Right now, Nova Scotia Power as a private corporation only has one mandate: profit.

It’s time for change!

Sign the PETITION here
to return Nova Scotia Power to democratic public ownership


Public ownership is the way to move forward— to create a democratically-run power utility with mandates set by the people, such as:

  • investment in green energy and green jobs,
  • consistency of service,
  • an inability to shut off your power without notice in the middle of winter, and
  • rates that are based on the cost of power instead of the demands of shareholders.


NS Power Executive SalariesDid you know...Nova Scotia Power paid no income tax in 2010?


E-mail power@solidarityhalifax.ca to get involved!

Check out the result of our Name Our Oval Contest in defense of public spaces and resources against private encroachement!


In this short 1.5 minute video, Brian Crouse of Solidarity Halifax explains the need to fight for public ownership of our power utilities.


A recording of Emera’s Profiteers by the Halifax, Dartmouth & District Labour Council parodying Stan Rogers Barrett’s Privateers


Sung again at the pirate rally during the Emera annual general meeting



Media Coverage

**Check out these extensive articles by the Halifax Media Coop‘s Miles Howe**:

Coverage and photos from the June 7 pirate rally during the Emera annual general meeting:

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