Solidarity Halifax is a membership-based, pluralist, non-sectarian, democratic,
anti-capitalist organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We believe another world is possible

We are organizing in the Halifax Regional Municipality and across Nova Scotia to create space for respectful dialogue, debate, activism and education on alternatives to capitalism. Capitalism is an oppressive economic system that puts profits ahead of the needs of people and the planet. It is a system in which great wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few. To oppose capitalism is to demand something better for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

We are committed to:

– Building alternatives to capitalism
– Democratic, non-sectarian and pluralist politics
– Actively opposing all forms of discrimination and oppression
– Actively opposing all threats to the sustainability and health of our natural environment
– Creating a culture of solidarity

What we do

We organize workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, conferences and public forums to create respectful places for debate on the left. We also engage in media work to attempt to inject radical, anti-capitalist analysis into mainstream political debates.

We offer picket support to workers in struggle, we march with allies in oppressed communities and use our skills and our experiences to organize for strategic victories against the exploitative political and economic status quo.

Our current campaigns include:

A People’s History of Nova Scotia
Uniting radical stories of resistance in Nova Scotia.
African Nova Scotian Solidarity:
Working with African Nova Scotian activists to fight against racism and exploitation.
Indigenous Solidarity:
Aiding First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in the battle against colonialism and racism.
Power to the People:
A campaign to move NS Power to democratic, public ownership.
Student Solidarity:
Fighting to make education democratic and free.
Workers’ Action:
Providing support for workers (both organized and not unionized) and the unemployed.


We wish to understand the world so that we can change it

Solidarity Halifax is committed to democratic politics that recognize the inter-dependence of action and analysis. Our understanding of politics is forged through struggle and our actions must be guided by principled, thoughtful analysis of the concrete conditions of capitalism.

Organizing for Strategic Victories

Solidarity Halifax exists to create a long term organization which can survive without the funding of unions, the state, charities, or students unions and which can fight capitalism on multiple fronts. Too often vibrant organizations and movements lack the staying power to survive the departure of individual organizers or find themselves limited to fighting against single causes in isolation of the larger systemic problems. We seek to overcome these pitfalls.

Solidarity Halifax is meant to be able to fight multiple battles against poverty, sexism, homophobia, racism, environmental degradation and violence over the long term as part of a battle against capitalism.

The Meaning of Solidarity

Our members identify as socialists, anarchists, feminists, anti-capitalists, anti-racists, anti-colonialist, social democrats, anti-imperialists, communists, Leninists, Trotskyists, anti-poverty activists, queer rights activists, radical workers, and those who are simply fed up with a system that is at its heart inhumane.

Solidarity Halifax takes our commitment to non-sectarian politics seriously. The history of the left is too often a history of personal feuds, petty idealogical mud-slinging and politically motivated inaction.

We do not seek to take over, undermine or belittle other groups on the left, instead we seek to find common ground and to offer mutual support.

We are humble with our analysis and do not believe in staking out positions or establishing a political line in the name of claiming idealogical purity. Instead we seek to develop collective analysis which aids in our political work. Our positions are not set and respectful disagreement between members is encouraged.

Our goal is to create an organization which unites the left rather than divides it.

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