A People’s History of Nova Scotia


On October 4-5, 2013, Solidarity Halifax hosted a People’s History conference featuring the stories of: Women’s, LGBTQ, African Nova Scotian, Workers’ and Indigenous Decolonization movements in Nova Scotia.

The conference united radical stories of resistance in Nova Scotia, and presented history as a site of tension, failure and change, not simply as an object for consumption. The conference honoured the particularities of our movements, while creating an opportunity to examine our struggles collectively from an anti-capitalist perspective. The conference also honoured the memory of Burnley “Rocky” Jones and featured The People’s Museum: a collection of activist artifacts and social movement paraphenalia from decades past to the present.

Knowing our legacy of left resistance in Nova Scotia will help us push further and harder in our current struggles.

Speakers included: George Elliot Clarke, Darlene Lawrence, Carolann Wright-Parks, El Jones, Chris Frazer, Pat Kipping, Sherry Pictou, Evan John T. Coole, Lynn Jones and Tony Tracy. Click here for speaker bios

*Thank you to all who joined for this truly memorable and inspiring event,
and thank you to all volunteers and speakers that made it possible!*

Read Our Times Magazine‘s feature story on the event:

Photos of A People’s History of Nova Scotia conference

Photos of The People’s Museum

VIDEO: Stories of African Nova Scotian struggles for civil liberties and the legacy of Rocky Jones

VIDEO: Stories from the LGBTQ, Women’s and Indigenous Decolonization movements

VIDEO: Stories from the Canso Fishermen’s Strike, the Gottingen Street Occupation and from radical Cape Breton

Listen also to the following lecture held the evening of October 5, 2013, held after the People’s History conference and co-sponsored by Solidarity Halifax.

>The Politics and Possibilities for the Commons: Radical Horizons in the Age of Austerity

The event, hosted by the Radical Imagination Project and part of the celebrations commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Halifax Common, features reknowned scholars and activists Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis.



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