Dec 012013
Missing the Point on Halifax’s Housing Crisis

By Evan Coole & Shay Enxuga, members of Solidarity Halifax Confronted with the harsh reality of unaffordable housing and homelessness in Halifax, Mayor Mike Savage states the plainly obvious: “[Housing] affects many other folks as well. It’s a whole strata of income levels and demographic groups who are struggling because housing costs have gone up much […Read more]

Oct 032013
Memo from City Council to Residents: Out with the Poor, In With the Rich!

By Solidarity Halifax member, Omri Haiven. Originally published in the Halifax Media Coop on October 3, 2013. “The Roy [Building], without a doubt, will be the jewel in the crown in Halifax’s Historic Downtown,” “Residents’ entitlements will include world-class hotel style amenities, executive concierge, porter services and cutting edge security. The Roy, with its forever […Read more]