Feb 032015
Tomorrow - We're taking the Streets

Divest Dal organizer James Hutt is taking to the streets for the Feb 4 Student Day of Action and explains why. James is also a member of Solidarity Halifax. Tomorrow, on February 4th, thousands of students from across the province are taking to the streets to demand equality and the right to education for all. […Read more]

Jan 052015

Is this better for Cuban Socialism or Capitalist Restoration? By John Hutton, member of Solidarity Halifax. What is likely the most significant shift in Cuban-American relations in five decades took place today when the United States announced that it would release three Cubans from what is called the “Cuban 5” in exchange for Cuba’s release […Read more]

Aug 212014
Is the CBC in another orbit?

By Judy Haiven. Judy is a member of Independent Jewish Voices- Canada and of Solidarity Halifax. She teaches at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. Originally published at the Halifax Media Coop. Our public broadcaster doesn’t want to cover pro-Palestinian peace efforts… It’s one block away from headquarters, but no one comes to see. It’s at […Read more]

Aug 162014
Halifax- Hands UP! Solidarity with Ferguson protesters and all Black youth

COMMUNITY GATHERING Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/503970186414415/ Tuesday, August 19 4:30pm Victoria Park (opposite Public Gardens) Michael Brown was supposed to be starting college this week. On August 9th, the unarmed Black youth was shot dead, eight times by Ferguson police. Hundreds of irate Fergusons took to the streets yelling: “Hands up, don’t shoot!” The police responded […Read more]