May 112016

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Antipoverty advocate Gabriel Enxuga to run for District 5 Councillor as part of Dartmouth Solidarity campaign

HALIFAX – Antipoverty advocate and Solidarity Halifax member Gabriel Enxuga is running to be  the next councillor for District 5, Dartmouth Centre. Over the past several years, Gabriel has worked  with Dartmouth residents to advocate for more affordable housing, the elimination of predatory  lending in our city, and access to public transit for people living on social assistance.

“Across our  community, people are struggling. Our neighbours choose between paying the rent and heating their  homes. Many can’t afford transit fares to see the doctor or enrol their children in sports and arts  programs,” said Enxuga. “Imagine a city where finding solutions for these issues is our primary task.”

Gabriel’s candidacy is part of a municipal campaign, Dartmouth Solidarity, dedicated to creating a  city where there is safe and affordable housing, fair wages, free transit, free recreational programs,  and where city council works towards solutions to broader social issues like racism and climate  change.

“By providing free city services like transit and recreation, our city could be a pioneer in addressing social inequality and climate change,” said Enxuga. “Putting people and the planet before  profits is not just a lofty dream. It’s about concrete changes now to make Dartmouth a place where  people and communities thrive.”

Eliminating transit fares for all routes would require an annual  investment of approximately $34.6 million. In comparison, city hall committed $58.9 million to the  Halifax Convention Centre. The cost for eliminating fares represents just 3 per cent of the city’s total  budget.

Dartmouth Solidarity is a campaign of Solidarity Halifax, a membership-based, anti-capitalist organization based in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Solidarity Halifax is engaging in municipal politics because we believe a better city is possible. For more information visit

For more information or to set up an interview, call:
Gabriel Enxuga  (902)266-2965